Fire Sprinkler Repair New Orleans, LA

Fire Equipment Replacement

AFP offers the replacement of fire pumps, jockey pumps, compressors, check valves, OS&Y valves, deluge valves, preaction valves, sprinkler heads which include pendant heads, upright heads, horizontal sidewall heads, vertical heads, and dry heads. We replace main pipe, branch line pipe, fittings, hangers, all thread rods, head cabinets , groove couplings, groove fittings and compressor parts and repairs. We replace air maintenance devices, electric bells, clay valves, pump case and relief valves.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Maintenance

AFP can help maintain your fire sprinkler system with yearly inspections and maintenance on fire pumps. We offer hard to find fire sprinkler system parts for dry valves, preaction and deluge systems. We offer replacement dry heads for coolers and freezers and outdoor areas. We offer hard to find escushions for sprinkler heads that are no longer made by their manufacturer. Maintaining your system on a regular basis will help prevent major problems.

Critical Parts Stocking

AFP offers hard to find fire sprinkler system replacement parts many of which are no longer made by their manufacturer. We offer gauge kits, dry valve clapper replacement parts and gaskets, replacement OS&Y valves, butterfly valves, butterball valves and check valves. We offer sprinkler head wrenches from Standard, Tyco, Viking, Reliable, Victaulic etc. We offer electric bells and clay valve parts. We offer dry valves, right angle valves, globe valves, and bell valves. We offer replacement flow switches, tamper switches, alarm pressure switches, and low air pressure switches. We offer accelerators for dry systems and water motor gong assembly replacement parts.

Parts Replacement

AFP offers check valves, compressors, compressor repair and parts, air maintenance devices and electric bells.