Fire Sprinkler Testing & Inspections

Acadian Fire Protection is licensed to inspect and test fire sprinkler systems, wet systems, dry systems, preaction systems, and deluge systems in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have technicians that are well trained to inspect different forms of fire protection sprinkler systems. These systems include; wet, dry, pre-action, deluge, and anti-freeze. We offer fire pump testing, fire hydrant inspections, fire hose inspections, flow testing, 5 year inspections and clay valve inspections. The 5 year inspection is mandatory.

Our Inspection Process:

  • Visual inspection from the floor for proper orientation, support and clearance of all sprinkler heads and system piping that are readily viewable and accessible.
  • Main drain tests are performed to verify proper water volume and pressure is available for the sprinkler system. All results will be recorded.
  • Lubricate all valves.
  • Flow switches will be tested by exercising the valve through the full range of motion and we will verify that all signals are received at the fire alarm control panel.
  • Check fire department connections for proper caps and that they are unobstructed.
  • Check system gauge calibration and verify the water pressure is adequate.
  • Check for proper signage on all valves.
  • Inspect the spare head box for proper inventory of spare sprinkler heads and wrenches.
  • Verify that all valves are in the correct position and sealed or supervised.
  • If the system is monitored, we will verify all signal are received at the central monitoring station.

Inspections usually will not take long depending on the project and amount of work needed to be done. It is required that yearly inspections are done in order to maintain the safety of the system. However, we offer annual, semi-annual, and quarterly inspections to help you better maintain your fire protection sprinkler system.  Most inspections can be done in a day or less. We thoroughly check each aspect of your existing fire protection sprinkler system to ensure its safety and that it will work properly in the event of a fire. We will also inspect the area in which you are going to install a sprinkler system to make sure that the system that is best will work efficiently and properly for you. We want to make sure that the area of installation will be thoroughly inspected to make sure extra measures are not needed to install the sprinkler system and where to place all of the sprinkler heads. Whenever you need an inspection to make sure you sprinkler system is running smoothly just give us a call.

We will also inspect your sprinkler system should you significantly change the occupancy, layout, or use of the building. We are available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for emergency services. By the time we have finished with your inspection, your sprinkler system will be up to date and ready to use in case of a fire emergency.