New Fire Sprinkler Systems

At Acadian Fire Protection Inc. we offer several different types of sprinkler systems. We will introduce each one to you and go over the designs of them to make sure that you get the perfect fit for your need. Each system is briefly described below to give you a better understanding of what each type of system does and how they work and what types of place they are usually used in. A fire sprinkler system is a great way to protect your home or business from a fire. These systems consist of a water supply system that provides enough water pressure and flow rate to a water distribution piping system and then to the fire sprinklers. Sprinkler systems have been around since 1874 in the United States and have evolved greatly since then. We have kept up with each change that occurs with the guidelines of these systems so that we can keep our customers up to date on everything we offer.

Fire Sprinkler System Design

Our professional design department is dedicated and qualified to design the fire sprinkler system that best meets your needs in compliance with National Fire Protection Association's requirements, local and state building codes and insurance underwriter requirements.

Acadian Fire Protection INC. will consult with you to choose the best possible fire protection sprinkler system design that will meet your needs. Our company specializes in Automatic Sprinkler System layouts. All of our sprinkler design plans are NICET III or higher. We will do our best to provide the most accurate sprinkler design to fit your needs in the least amount of time.

With systems constantly changing, our company will always have up to date information on the design that would better fit your need. We will make sure you get the right design at the best price! Different designs include Pre-action, Deluge, wet pipe, and the Dry Pipe fire sprinkler system. Each design is used for different types of buildings. We will help you choose the best one for you.

We use special programs that will allow us to take the blueprints of your project to incorporate the designs of the sprinkler systems to help you better view what the layout of your system will look like. Acadian Fire Protection INC. uses the most current computer software along with web- based programs to help speed up the process of design times. We have the use of AutoCAD and Hydracad tools that make sprinkler design faster .Also, by using the CAD software the accuracy and speed is maximized. This helps to make sure any and all problems can be taken care of beforehand. This software allows us to use real world dimensions to place riser details, standpipes, fire pump rooms, and more. All of this combined helps to aid in a hassle-free installation. If at any time your system becomes out of date we will do our best to make sure that we either design or fix your sprinkler system to make sure that it is up to date and up to code. All designs are pre-approved by the state fire marshal before installation. Call us today for a free no obligation quote to get your building ready to prevent any future fires!

Each type of sprinkler system we use is briefly described below.

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

Pre-action systems are specialized for the use in locations where accidental activation is not desired. Places that include this type of system include museums with rare art work, manuscripts, or books, data centers, and for the protection of computer systems and equipment for any water damage from the accidental activation of fire protection sprinklers. This system is a mix of wet, dry, and deluge systems that depend on the same exact goal.

Deluge Sprinkler Systems

Deluge sprinkler systems are a type of sprinkler system that have all sprinklers connected to the water piping system open, the heat sensing operating element is removed, or designed as such. This type of system is used for special hazards where a rapid fire spread is the concern. It provides a simultaneous application of water over the entire hazard. Deluge sprinkler systems are sometimes installed in the personnel egress paths or building openings to slow the traffic of the fire; basically creating a fire wall. This system is activated based on the type of hazard which includes smoke detectors, heat detectors, or optical flame detectors. Water will not be present in this system until it is activated.

Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

Wet pipe fire protection sprinkler systems are installed more often than most of the other types of sprinkler systems. This is because it is more reliable, simple, and the only components being automatic sprinklers and the automatic alarm check valve (not always but common). This automatic water supplies water under pressure to the piping system.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Dry pipe systems are usually installed in spaces which the ambient temperature can get cold enough to freeze the water in the pipe system which will cause the system to be inoperable. This type of system is usually installed in unheated buildings, garages, outside canopies that are attached to heated buildings or in refrigerated coolers. Dry pipe sprinkler systems are the second most common system used. This system cannot be installed unless the range of ambient temperatures gets above 40 degrees Fahrenheit in regions that use NFPA regulations. Water is also not present in this system until it operates.